Bring a New Level of Accuracy and Consistency to Dentistry

Bring a New Level of Accuracy & Consistency to Dentistry

Overjet is on a mission to improve outcomes for both patients and DSOs, using powerful artificial intelligence that analyzes X-rays with precision. With AI-supported diagnoses, dentists can take their productivity and accuracy to the next level.

DSOs need an edge to thrive in a competitive dental climate. Overjet helps practitioners be more efficient while focusing on clinical excellence, so your organization can stand out. Overjet immediately annotates and color-codes X-rays so practitioners can get an even better picture of what’s happening with their patients. It lets your group maintain a high clinical standard across practices — without requiring more of practitioners’ precious time.

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Why Dental Organizations Are Investing in Artificial Intelligence

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DSOs need to stay at the forefront of technology to get a competitive edge, and the future of dentistry is artificial intelligence. Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform gives you the analytics you need to drive your business forward. It’s fully scalable, customizable and flexible, allowing you to adapt and connect with any clinical criteria, workflow or system.

Plug it in, and Overjet instantly begins to analyze your last two years of images, identifying successes and opportunities for improvement to guide every member of your organization toward behaviors that get the best results. When clinicians are more efficient and diagnose more accurately, patient care improves, increasing trust and multiplying acceptance rates across locations.

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Artificial Intelligence for Dentistry - serving to DSOs and Insurance companies

Overjet improves clinicians’ diagnostic decision-making, helping groups improve efficiencies and increase productivity across all locations. And the automatically annotated and color-coded X-rays translate to better dentist-patient communication. Now every practitioner and every office can offer improved care and the best patient outcomes.

Using routine dental X-rays to find small issues that might turn into a big problem before they occur. Overjet is an intelligence layer on top of dental radiographs. It looks beyond teeth and gums to detect the early warning signs for any potential issues. With the goal of moving dentistry from treating disease to preventing it, our AI platform is transforming dental care in a powerful new way.

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