Published on June 28, 2022

4 Compelling Results of Building a Successful DSO Using Dental AI

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Seamless or scalable.

Either describes an essential outcome of building a successful DSO using dental Artificial Intelligence platform.

You might admit that a significant challenge for DSOs is aligning care standards with organizational growth. The operational challenges are real but so are the technology solutions.

Can technology really carry-the-weight?

The answer might be found in how tech innovations are rolled-out. There’s more to it than shipping the latest solution to the practices across your DSO and expecting an outstanding UX (User Experience).

Technology alone isn’t the solution.

Adoption, change, training, and outcome projections factor into a successful technology solution.

AI has the capacity to scale and further standardize the clinical and business systems throughout your DSO. It’s to your advantage to be informed and equipped for the impact AI already has and will continue having on dentistry.

Five compelling results of building a successful DSO using dental AI

1-Diagnostic and decision-making consistency

Imagine viewing a digital dental image and having the benefit of AI automation. AI functions as a second-set-of-eyes that provides a fast, accurate, and consistent diagnosis.

  • Automation capabilities streamlines chair-time.
  • Speed and consistency enhance diagnostic accuracy for patients.
  • AI automation anticipates clinical decision-making processes and maintains your team’s energy.

2-Increase in Case Acceptance rates

Return on Investment influences technology decisions. On the opportunity side of the ledger your patients care about time and cost savings. On the ROI side you/your providers are interested in production values relative to patient visits.

Use AI to:

  • Monitor appointment frequencies.
  • Maximize scheduled appointments and their production value.
  • Maintain the quality of the patient experience throughout your organization.

3-A commitment to implementation that welcomes innovation

For example, automation is an emerging game-changer in dentistry. Its scope will continue to expand into diagnostics, treatment planning, scheduling, operations, claims processing, and more.

Expect AI-driven automation to simplify your practice’s workflows. This has the potential to enhance patient engagement around their care while helping reduce common task distractions.

And this commitment leads to a more fulfilling experience for your DSO’s providers.

4-High-capacity technology helps reduce provider/team fatigue and burn-out

AI doesn’t replace essential human energy but it does support your team(s)’ energy. The connection between the demands of organizational growth and your patient care capacity can be strengthened when implementing AI.

  • Efficient task distribution and management.
  • Reduce team attrition.
  • Create an appealing and fulfilling culture in each practice within your DSO.

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