Published on July 07, 2022

Global Patient Search

We are excited to announce a feature that has been our number one request: Global Patient Search!

We heard your feedback that you wanted to be able to search all patients, not just those on the schedule. Our development team has been working hard on this and we’re very happy to be pushing this new feature live shortly. 

This feature has lots of applications, from finding patients that are coming for appointments in future weeks or looking up radiographs for insurance billing. 

You can read below to get more details or watch the video below from Dr. Rob, Overjet Clinical Director.

Access the Global Patient Search by clicking on the “Patient Search” button on the left-side navigation panel. Once you click on the button you will be taken to the search page. From here you can type in: Patient Name, Patient ID or Date of Birth. The search will pull up any patient who has been active at your practice in the last 18 months. 

Please note, for dates you must use the format of month, day, year separated by either a “-” or a “/.” For example: 07/30/1978 or 07-30-1978

Once you have decided what you’d like to search, simply type it into the search bar and click search. 

This will only search patients for the clinic which you are currently logged into. If you have access to multiple clinics please login into the clinic that is the primary clinic for the patient you’re searching for.

Once you have clicked “search” you will be taken to the results page. Here all of the patients that match your criteria will be listed. You can then click into the images of the desired patient and see the Overjet findings for this patient.