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Mortenson Dental Partners

Impressive innovations are happening in the diagnostic AI in dentistry right now. There are many solutions out there. What made Overjet stand apart from all others was the intuitive visualization that it provides. The way it highlights the decay is much more intuitive than boxing it out that you might see in other solutions. Overjet is like a build-in second opinion for our patients, and both our clinicians and patients love it. It is one more way our patients can feel confident in the accuracy of the treatment plan our clinicians are providing to them.

Dr. Eric Tobler

National Clinical Director, Regional President, Board of Directors of Mortenson Dental Partners

Mortenson Dental Partners photo

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life continues to be committed to facilitating the best oral health care possible for our members. By partnering with Overjet, we are able to leverage AI technology to improve the consistency of our dental claim review process while ensuring that we are able to make decisions based on the most precise clinical data.

Dr. Randi S. Tillman

Chief Dental Officer

Guardian Life Insurance photo