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Work Smarter with AI

Resources to help you grow your practice.

AI Benefits for Recent Graduates

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Join Dr. Lauren Cuculino of Aligned Dental Partners to discover how she uses AI in her practice. Dr. Cuculino graduated from dental school in 2021.

Demystifying Dental AI

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Discover how AI analyzes large amounts of information in seconds to support diagnosis and promote operational efficiency. 1 CE Credit

AI & the Diagnostic Workflow

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Uncover how Dr. Matthews is using the data in co-diagnosing with patients to elevate treatment acceptance. 1 CE Credit

Case Study: AI's Impact on Production

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In this 5-minute video, private practice owner Dr. Joshua Prentice shares the difference AI has made in his practice - including a 29% lift in treatment.

AI in Diagnostics & Treatment

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In this 10-minute video, Dr. Keith Baines shares clinical examples of how he uses AI to diagnose more efficiently and educate patients more effectively.

AI from Diagnosing to Design

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Join Dr. Jinny Bender of Glidewell and Dr. Gordon Barfield to learn how AI helps from diagnostics through design and production. 1 CE Credit

Transforming Restorative Dentistry with Artificial Intelligence

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Join Dr. Chris Balaban for this live webinar to learn how AI is helping dentists tackle some of their biggest challenges. 1 CE Credit

How Dental AI Can Help Address the Hygienist Shortage


Overjet contributed this article to Becker’s Dental + DSO Review about how practices are turning to AI to ensure they’re consistently providing the best patient care - even when short-handed.

AI + Perio: Detection, Presentation & Case Acceptance

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AI Powered Perio Voice Charting


Discover touchless perio charting and clinical notes through an article sponsored by our partner Bola AI.

Leveraging AI for Periodontal Disease Management

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Tune-in Info

Erin Kierce, RDH, MS, MPH is the Chief Compliance / Hygiene Officer at Passion Dental, one of the first adopters of dental AI. Join this live LinkedIn event to learn how the dental group leverages AI, and the findings from her most recent white paper, Improving Periodontal Disease Management with AI.

Power Your Perio Program with AI

In partnernship with Perio Protect. Dental AI identifies more disease indicators with precision and motivates patients through compelling visuals. In this course, join Dr. Rob Kolts to learn how to use AI during the diagnosis and treatment planning of periodontitis and how this information leads to better case acceptance. 1 CE

Utilizing the Transformative Power of AI for Dental Claim Submissions

On Demand

Join us for an engaging Q&A with Dr.Karen Luce, DDS, MS, MPH. Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, as she shares her experience leveraging cutting edge technology for dental claim submission. Dr. Luce will discuss the revolutionary power of using AI to streamline, improve consistency and efficiency of the claim submission and review process.