Automate Claim Review

Claim Review

Move from manual and inconsistent review to
automated and efficient review of every claim to
improve ROI.

  • Decrease Costs

    Replace manual costly review by automatic review

  • Reduce Appeals

    Provide consistent, accurate and quantitative review results

  • Increase Scale

    Review all claims vs only outliers

  • Reduce Turnaround Time

    Review millions of claims within minutes

Automate Payment Integrity

Payment Integrity

Move from post-payment recovery to pre-payment
& prevention model to make accurate payments and
increase savings.

  • Reduce Pay and Chase

    Real-time advanced analytics to identify improper billing practices

  • Increase Savings

    All claims with attachments are reviewed to identify improper billings

  • Eliminate Payout

    For phantom diseases and treatments

  • Identify

    Duplicated and manipulated claims and images