Apr 28, 2021

Overjet joined leaders from two large DSOs to discuss how dental AI can support the growth of DSOs and their affiliates. This podcast dives into the clinical and nonclinical applications for AI and how it benefits payor, provider and patients alike.

Apr 7, 2021

Recognized for our achievements in pioneering AI-driven dentistry to improve care for millions of patients, CB Insights today named Overjet to the fifth annual AI 100 ranking, showcasing the 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies in the world.

Apr 1, 2021

Incisal Edge has recognized that in 2020 Overjet emerged as the potential industry leader in Dental AI and is spearheading the machine learning revolution in dentistry.

Mar 24, 2021

DSOs have been at the forefront of adopting technology that demonstrates value-add to their businesses. Hence, DSOs have been quick to identify artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformative means to support their business and clinical processes to benefit patient care.

“Originally published in: Balaban CM, Gibree SA, Athar A, Nia F, Zubiller M, Inam W, Kennedy R, Faiella RA. AI-Driven Growth of DSOs. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2021;42(3). Copyright © 2021 to AEGIS Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the publishers.”

Mar 10, 2021

Commercializing AI in Healthcare

Dr. Wardah Inam spoke about Commercializing AI in Healthcare hosted by The Harvard AI in Healthcare Group and the Harvard Health Innovation Network. Other panelists include:

Mark L. Homer, PhD, MMSc, head of AI at fidelity

Iksha Herr, Managing director Data &AI at microsoft

Renee Y., Global healthcare AI startup BD lead

Mar 1st, 2021

Dentists are radiologists, surgeons, business-people and more. If AI can help them do all this better, there's so much potential for the space.

Feb 24th, 2021

Howard Farran interviews Dr. Wardah Inam and Dr. Robert A. Faiella, on dentistry uncensored. They talked about the role Overjet is playing in shaping the future of AI-powered dentistry.

Aug 14th, 2020

What can artificial intelligence do for your practice? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Overjet has made it the company’s mission to help dentists move beyond many of their normal capabilities. They work to bring analytics and deep machine learning to the analysis of dental radiographs, explains Robert Faiella, DMD, chief dental officer at Overjet, to Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz.

August 1st, 2020

THE INTRODUCTION of artificial intelligence to dentistry (and countless other fields besides) means we’re witnessing a scientific and medical revolution in real time—and Boston-area startup Overjet, incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab by Inam, its CEO—is among the leaders at the parapets.

July 24th, 2020

To begin, I must admit that I love what I do and consider myself privileged to have spent the last 30-plus years in the dental profession as a practicing Board-certified periodontist, lecturer, author, and serving in leadership positions with many organizations within the dental industry. But over the past several years, I have come to the realization that dentistry is at the forefront of a transformative change in our ability to deliver care in an enhanced and efficient manner.

June 2, 2020

Overjet, a startup focused on using AI to help dentists and insurance companies understand dental scans, today announced that it has raised $7.85 million in what it describes as a seed round.According to Overjet’s CEO Wardah Inam (an MIT PhD in electrical engineering and computer science), the company raised the funds from Crosslink Capital, which led its round, and E14 Fund, which “only invests in MIT startups,” Inam said.

May 12, 2020

"Dental insurers spend millions of dollars to analyze claims manually - we automate this process for them. This automatic analysis makes the review consistent and decreases the cost for payers. For dental groups, they use our platform to ensure standardization of care across their practices and identify any missed revenue opportunities using our dashboard," Inam states.