Published on August 22, 2022

Overjet CEO Wardah Inam Receives Prestigious Shils Award

BOSTON, Mass. — Overjet, the dental industry leader in artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to share that Dr. Wardah Inam, CEO and co-founder of Overjet, has been selected as the recipient of the “Excellence in Industry” Award for 2022 from the Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund. The 2022 Shils Innovator Award is given in recognition of Dr. Inam’s innovation and entrepreneurial role for advancing oral health and the use of Augmented Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning as a diagnostic aid for dentistry.

The Shils Awards are given annually in recognition of individuals, organizations, and programs from all parts of the oral health community who contribute to the advancement of the practice of dentistry and the delivery of oral healthcare to all people.

“Since we first conceived of these awards, they’ve prominently celebrated the innovators, big thinkers, and fearless entrepreneurs whose vision for our industry has shaped the oral health of so many,” said Steven W. Kess, President of the Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund’s Board of Directors. “The honorees continue to exemplify Dr. Shil’s belief that the values of entrepreneurship and education create long-lasting and far-reaching impacts when carried into the public health sector.”

The prestigious award’s 2022 recipients include Dr. Rena D’Souza, Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and Dr. Mark Wolff, Dean of University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine.

“The Excellence in Industry award is a testament to the Overjet team in pioneering dental AI innovations that advance oral health and to our partners and customers who are trailblazers in dental AI adoption,” said Dr. Inam. “Overjet’s mission is to improve oral health by creating a future that is clinically precise, efficient, and patient-centric. I’m honored by the Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund’s recognition of Overjet’s significant positive impact on the oral health community and the health of the public.”

The recipients of the Shils Award will be formally honored at the Shils 20th Anniversary Event at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia on October 19, 2022.


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