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Overjet’s end-to-end administrative dental AI platform drive efficiencies across the small & large insurance companies, and modernize their systems at scale by increasing quantified and accurate claims, providing automated and real-time processing, delivering deep insights, flagging anomalies, and strengthening true partnership between the health plans and the network to increase market share.

Discover the most advanced AI-enabled claims review platform on the market

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Real-Time Automation

Your team won’t even need to look at claims that meet approval criteria — those claims just get paid. Instead, they can focus on claims that get flagged as questionable, and their review will decide whether the claim gets approved or rejected.

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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Access to near-real time reports, enables you to make decisions and remove guesswork from all operational aspects of running the business. Overjet provides real-time insights into provider behavior by mapping provider journey and patient journey, and helps you monitor claims distribution by procedure, procedure code, age, LOB, product type.

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The Highest-Level of Compliance

We have the team and the expertise to apply the highest level of protection for your data. Beyond achieving the highest compliance standards, we provide best-in-class architectures designed to meet your privacy and security needs to make sure that your data is protected.

Gain efficiency with comprehensive, modern & scalable claims administration

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No one needs to tell you that insurance companies are in a tough spot: You process a vast number of claims, and when you reject the few that don’t meet necessity criteria, you become the bad guy to patients and providers.

  • Millions of dollars spent by each payer for limited review
  • Inconsistent decisions lead to high appeals
  • 5% fraud, waste, abuse still makes it through

Overjet makes things easier for your team.

We use powerful AI tools to analyze radiographs — the primary means for detecting dental problems — and give you detailed, granular data about why treatment is or isn’t necessary in each case. The objective system reduces human error, ensures consistency and maximizes efficiency.


Actual ROI achieved in 5 months for SRP and Crowns/CBU (Client with ~8M commercial membership)


Net savings 6 months. (Client with ~8M commercial membership)

Overjet is the perfect dental AI solution for payers

It will become your closest ally in turning innovation into your organization’s competitive advantage.

Reimagine the Claims Workflow

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What if there was a single system to handle and process all types of claims including appeals and pend returns in an efficient manner? We built one and the results are (what some people call) magical.

Overjet’s revolutionary Claims Workflow enables value creation through increased efficiency and lower review costs by executing payer end-to-end clinical review in a single platform. Manage your member history, simple benefit information, combined with claims and image information from clearinghouses in a single system.

Drive Business Growth with Operational Efficiency

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AI is a necessary business tool for forward-thinking organizations and it helps them make better decisions, create operational efficiencies and improve member experiences.
With Overjet, you can reduce operational costs and simplify claims reviews with our improved workflow and smart, automated and real-time claim processing. This approach raises the effectiveness and also raises the ability to appropriately adjudicate claims.

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Payment Integrity

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End-to-end claims processing can be both complicated and challenging. You must find efficient ways to improve the claims editing process, minimize costly overpayments and capture savings.

With Overjet,  you can move from post-payment recovery to pre-payment & prevention model to make accurate payments. No more pay and chase,  improper billing practices, phantom diseases and treatments, or duplicated and manipulated claims and images.

Achieve Quantified & Accurate Claim Processing

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Eliminate the guesswork and drastically reduce the time to review and adjudicate claims by utilizing an AI-powered technology to remove potential human error throughout claims review. Take the evidence-based, data-driven approach to processing claims and fraud detection with precision and accuracy every time.
Overjet’s technology offers explainable AI, meaning there is no black box implementation. Our anatomically trained models result in accuracy within 0.1mm.

Utilization Review Delivered.

We are the only AI company licensed as a utilization review agent

Utilization review licenses

in all required states to make final decisions on medical necessity


Licensed dental and specialist consultant network to operate in all states.

Full Review

a E2E solution for your organization to ramp up claims reviewed with AI

Guardian Life Insurance photo

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life continues to be committed to facilitating the best oral health care possible for our members. By partnering with Overjet, we are able to leverage AI technology to improve the consistency of our dental claim review process while ensuring that we are able to make decisions based on the most precise clinical data.

Dr. Randi S. Tillman

Chief Dental Officer

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