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Modernize your Utilization Review with the Leading Dental AI Platform

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At Overjet, our mission is to improve oral health care for all.

Our industry-leading AI platform is trusted by top dental insurers to precisely and accurately streamline the entire utilization review process for over 100 million members. As the only AI company licensed as a national utilization review agent, we offer full review capabilities and a secure, seamless platform that integrates into your existing operations.

Recognized by Fast Company as one of the top 10 most innovative healthcare companies in the world.

Unleash the Power of AI and Partner with the Leading Dental Platform for Payers

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AI Recommendations

AI-powered claim approvals or pends based solely on your benefit guidelines. Improve quality and consistency of review by removing subjectivity and high volume manual review

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Augmented Workflow

Overjet’s workflow support platform is designed to manage complex aspects of review. Consolidate data and reviewers all in one secure platform to support efficient and accurate final benefit decisions 

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Dental Consulting Services

Leverage dental consultants licensed in all required states to review 100% of your claims, alleviate your team of manual reviews and eliminate overhead costs to drive operational and clinical savings

Gain efficiency with comprehensive, modern & scalable claims administration

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No one needs to tell you that insurance companies are in a tough spot: You process a vast number of claims, and when you reject the few that don’t meet necessity criteria, you become the bad guy to patients and providers.

  • Millions of dollars spent by each payer for limited review
  • Inconsistent decisions lead to high appeals
  • 5% fraud, waste, abuse still makes it through

Overjet makes things easier for your team.

We use powerful AI tools to analyze radiographs — the primary means for detecting dental problems — and give you detailed, granular data about why treatment is or isn’t necessary in each case. The objective system reduces human error, ensures consistency and maximizes efficiency.


Actual ROI achieved in 5 months for SRP and Crowns/CBU (Client with ~8M commercial membership)


Net savings 6 months. (Client with ~8M commercial membership)

Unlock the Benefits of Overjet

With AI that Streamlines Utilization Review for Payers, Providers, and Members

Enhance the Quality of Your Claims Review

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With Overjet’s configurable AI, all claims are reviewed objectively based on your clinical criteria only. Provide your benefit guidelines and Overjet will do the rest to ensure precise, efficient reviews. 

Improve Efficiencies and Modernize Your Claims Review in a Single Platform

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Make Overjet your single source of truth for making final benefit decisions. Equip your dental consultants with an end-to-end claim review platform to manage complex aspect of claim review, keep all your data and reviewers in one place and help enable faster, more consistent benefit decisions 


Reduce Operational Costs with Dental Consulting Services

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With automatic approval recommendations you will reduce the need for manual reviews. Pair with our expert clinical review services to outsource clinical reviews to the only AI company able to offer full UR in all 50 states

Strengthen the Payer-Provider Relationship

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Overjet’s AI-powered platform automates approvals in minutes, increasing administrative and clinical efficiency while strengthening the provider relationship. Providers will benefit from faster dental benefit payments through efficient claims processing and standardized, consistent reviews that minimize appeals. Overjet’s AI flags missing data and prompts providers for additional information, improving communication and minimizing delays in decisions to provide a stronger member and provider experience.

Discover Why Top Dental Insurers Choose Overjet

Highly configurable industry leading AI

Overjet is the only AI company with a configurable rules engine that learns your benefit guidelines to make objective decisions on medical necessity with unmatched accuracy and precision.

First-of-its-kind augmented workflow support

Overjet offers a workflow support tool for administrative and clinical reviewers. It increases efficiency and consistency by consolidating data in one place and surfacing insights to streamline manual reviews.

Powerful combination of AI + clinical review

Overjet is the sole licensed AI company offering full utilization review services. We use AI and clinical experts licensed in all states to reduce costs, boost quality, and streamline your entire process.

Guardian Life Insurance photo

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life continues to be committed to facilitating the best oral health care possible for our members. By partnering with Overjet, we are able to leverage AI technology to improve the consistency of our dental claim review process while ensuring that we are able to make decisions based on the most precise clinical data.

Dr. Randi S. Tillman

Former Chief Dental Officer

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