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  • NEFD and Chris Balaban

    After months of use, we were impressed by Overjet’s ability to support and guide our doctors which ultimately helps them deliver consistent and high quality patient care. AI has already had a great impact in businesses and medicine, and dentistry is no different. AI is the future of dentistry, and Overjet is the leader in the field.



  • Which Dental AI to use

    We love Overjet!

  • While there are similarities to competitor products, there are also some pretty major differences like depth of decay, the timeline for treatment, and daily huddle lists of patients (my favorite!)


    Practice Growth Specialist

  • There are many solutions out there. What made Overjet stand apart from all others was the intuitive visualization that it provides. The way Overjet highlights the decay is much more intuitive than boxing it out that you might see in other solutions.


    National Clinical Director

  • AI in Dentistry

    Our practice is powered by Overjet!

  • Overjet has worked great in our office, with using it these last 2 weeks we have had the highest case acceptance we have ever had in our office in part due to Overjet and being able to properly educate the patient. We have had some success using the periodontal tab and have brought in about 10 patients so far so that was a big plus for our hygienist.


    Office Manager

  • AI driven diagnosis

    Game changer!

  • We are excited to join Overjet! Overjet is cutting-edge technology and will be the key to consistency and alignment between our providers to deliver the best possible care for our patients.


    President / COO

  • We partnered with Overjet because our patients’ dental care and experience are our number one priority. Using the global leader in dental AI provides us with a more patient-focused and forward-thinking dental team.



  • Best Dental AI platform

    One of the coolest technologies out there for dental practices

  • I like the idea of taking bitewings to verify after SRP. I also like reviewing patients who have always had regular prophy appointments, but now need more. Today, I used Overjet to verify mesial caries that I had originally missed. I hate missing things, because I want to take care of my patients like I would take care of my own family, that’s how I would take care of anyone.



  • Implementing tools like AI to help with the diagnosis process and to provide the young and new clinicians with more confidence in what they’re seeing and what they’re doing is going to propel them forward and propel our access to care forward in our industry.



  • Overjet has the best customer base

    Certainly, one of the best technological innovations to invest in dentistry.

  • Dental Practice using AI

    We are thrilled with Overjet!

  • I really like Overjet. We’ve used Pearl in the past but Overjet is head and shoulders above other AI solutions.



  • Dental Care Alliance

    We expect Overjet’s dental AI platform to improve the experience for our clinical teams and patients, as well as serve as a training aid in DSO’s mentoring program for recent graduates.


    Chief Clinical Officer

  • Jefferson Dental Partners with the best dental AI company

    Overjet is like dentistry on steroids. It helps us detect missed diagnoses, integrate providers, follow higher standards for quality care, and also make sure our providers are giving excellent oral health solutions ensuring our patients get to keep their natural teeth for life.


    Chief Dental Officer

  • Why Overjet better

    Great patient presentation tool

  • As clinicians, we are trained to utilize radiographs to help us find and visualize dental disease or anomalies. Overjet is a tool that adds quantification and will assist in identifying areas that may have potential dental disease.

  • Overjet supports our providers in achieving more consistent and improved patient outcomes while improving patient understanding and communication. Overjet has an unmatched reputation in pioneering dental innovations that advance patient care.

    Dr. Charles Zasso

    Chief Clinical Officer, Great Lakes Dental Partners

  • We provide an infrastructure that enables our partners and allied dentists to deliver the highest quality of care to patients, utilizing the industry’s latest treatments and procedures. We expect Overjet’s dental AI platform to improve the experience for our clinical teams and patients, as well as serve as a training aid in DCA’s mentoring program for recent graduates.

    Dr. Don Gallo

    Chief Clinical Officer, Dental Care Alliance

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