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Dental Artificial Intelligence for DSOs and Insurance companies
Some features may not be available in all areas.

Our artificial intelligence platform supports providers and payers to enhance clinical care and administrative efficiency.

We are on the quest to improve oral health by creating a future that is clinically precise, efficient & patient-centric.

Recognized by Forbes as one of top 50 AI companies shaping the future.

Leading Payers and Providers Trust Overjet

Most of the largest insurance companies, and the leading dental groups and DSOs empower their teams with Overjet’s dental artificial intelligence platform to achieve better patient outcomes. We are transforming dental care, one customer at a time.

Proudly the Only Dental AI platform to be HITRUST® Certified for HIPAA Compliance

Overjet empowers dental payers & providers to deliver the best patient care

Providers: Clinical Intelligence Platform

Overjet evaluates clinical performance by combining clinical AI findings in radiographs with patient and treatment data from the practice management system. These findings are then used by clinical staff to improve clinical precision, efficiency, training, and communication, allowing practices to achieve consistent and better patient outcomes.

Perfect for: private practices, group practices, DSOs

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Payers: Claim Intelligence Platform

Overjet analyzes all radiographic claims and related claim data to streamline and optimize the claims review process. Due to the comprehensive and accurate review of every claim, payers can promptly approve all claims confirmed by AI, allowing their examiner and adjudicators to focus on claims where clinical competence is most important.

Perfect for: insurance companies, health plans

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Guided by a patient-centric AI, Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform detects and outlines decay and quantifies bone loss on radiographs in real time to guide you to arrive at precise and accurate diagnostic decisions.

Research by PhDs from MIT and dentists from Harvard School of Dental Medicine helped us design the essential component to achieve the level of trust clinicians expect to see in AI in dentistry.

About Overjet

Lead the change to clinically precise, efficient & patient-centric dental care

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Some features may not be available in all areas.

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Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Quality in 3 Simple Steps

Integrate & Collect

Integrate with your existing systems and workflows

We integrate into your existing systems,  procedures, and workflows (all major practice management, imaging software, home-grown or third party claims processing systems) to get up and running in days. It’s just one more piece of the puzzle that brings in the information for your teams to create the possible solutions for better clinical outcomes.

Verify & Enrich

Enhance and increase the organization’s performance through AI

Analyze the data (through computer vision & natural language processing) better than ever before to remove subjectivity and make precise decisions. Quantified visualization without having to second-guess yourself or need a second opinion. Overjet allows your clinicians to be more confident with their  decisions with the data they can trust.

Engage & Improve

Turn findings and insights into efficiency & growth

With the goal of moving dentistry from treating disease to preventing it, our platform has already been successfully implemented in clinical settings. Overjet will help you ease your team’s workload & workflow, achieve greater efficiency, improve communication, automate administrative tasks, increase productivity, and improve patient outcomes.

Patient-Centric AI + Dental Care = Improved Oral Health

What Overjet Means For Dentists

Some features may not be available in all areas.

Overjet leverages computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing to help you drive transformational clinical & operational enhancements across your locations — improving patient care, increasing precision and case acceptance rate, delivering actionable insights, and automating administrative tasks & audits.

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What Overjet Means For Insurance Companies

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Overjet leverages a patented AI platform to drive efficiencies across the organization by increasing quantified and accurate claims, providing automated and real-time processing, delivering deep insights, flagging anomalous, and encouraging & strengthening true partnership between you and your network.


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What Overjet Means For Your Patients

Artificial Intelligence for Dentistry - serving to DSOs and Insurance companies
Some features may not be available in all areas.

All of us have been touched by dentistry. Our experiences as patients lend urgency and meaning to the work we do every day, motivating us to improve oral health. We believe that by combining human intelligence with the power of AI can help transform dental care and achieve better clinical outcomes for patients. And that, in short, is what we are all about.

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