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Dental Artificial Intelligence for DSOs and Insurance companies
Some features may not be available in all areas.

Overjet’s FDA-cleared AI platform for decay detection, calculus detection, and bone loss quantification helps you drive transformational clinical & operational improvements across your locations — increasing precision, elevating patient care, improving case acceptance, delivering actionable insights, and automating administrative tasks & audits.

Detailed Findings & Care at Your Fingertips

Some features may not be available in all areas.

Overjet is a transformative AI platform that makes your practice and teams more effective and efficient throughout the entire continuum of care. Our Clinical Intelligence® platform features robust features that combine the expertise of dentists and artificial intelligence to create evidence-based precision dentistry that boosts operational efficiency, practice performance, and patient experience.

“If you want to elevate the level of care… if you want to educate your patients better, there is no better than Overjet.”

Overjet is a patient-centric dental AI solution for DSOs

It will become your closest ally in turning innovation into your organization’s competitive advantage.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

Some features may not be available in all areas.

If the desired outcome is improved oral health, then don’t settle for subjectivity. Overjet provides comprehensive care by accurately identifying missed periodontal and restorative treatments. AI-supported diagnoses by dentists can produce a better patient experience, and a stronger patient-clinician relationship. It also builds greater trust with patients by putting them at ease with accurate and high-quality care and improving patient communication.

Make Every Clinician Your Most Effective Clinician

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Some features may not be available in all areas.

It is every clinical leader’s dream to have their entire team performing their best. Overjet analyzes your historical success (and failures in some cases) through dental images to guide your teams towards the behaviors that get results and flag those that don’t. The result is a clinical team where every dentist and hygienist is equipped with the support they need to be effective.

Train, Coach and Mentor at Scale

Dental365 Team with Overjet AI

Coaching an entire team at different locations is a very challenging task. The secret to a dream team of high performers is hidden inside your own data. With Overjet, you can quickly understand the actions of your high performers through clinical & financial metrics, charting, and the clinical protocols to coach everyone up to the same level of optimized performance and standards of care.

Create Consistency and Standardization in Care

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Every DSO, every practice has superstars who outperform clinically as if by magic. But it’s not magic, they’re just really good at what they do. Now imagine if you could clone those outliers and spin-off a whole team of them. Great news: you can! With Overjet, you can quickly understand the activities and behaviors of your high performers through clinical and financial metrics, and their diagnostic & treatment protocols to coach everyone up to the same level of optimized performance and standards of care. The secret to a dream clinical team of high performers is hidden inside your own images.

Close Preventive Care Gaps

Using routine dental X-rays to find small issues that might turn into a big problem before they occur. Overjet is an intelligence layer on top of dental radiographs. It looks beyond teeth and gums to detect the early warning signs for any potential issues. With the goal of moving dentistry from treating disease to preventing it, our AI platform is transforming dental care in a powerful new way.

Ease Mergers and Acquisitions

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Overjet saves time and provides a quantitative analysis of the successes and areas of concern during mergers and acquisitions. Analysts can benefit from Overjet’s detailed clinical and operational overview during the due diligence process.

Turn Clinical Data into Growth

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Employees in midsize DSOs spend eleven hours a month combining data for better answers. Overjet helps DSOs to access metrics and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. With the data Overjet provides, your team can turn yesterday’s data into tomorrow’s opportunities and increase the efficiency. We call it “Seeing the big picture”. Your team might call it “Magic!”.

Mortenson Dental Partners photo

Stonehaven Dental

Impressive innovations are happening in the diagnostic AI in dentistry right now. There are many solutions out there. What made Overjet stand apart from all others was the intuitive visualization that it provides. The way it highlights the decay is much more intuitive than boxing it out that you might see in other solutions. Overjet is like a build-in second opinion for our patients, and both our clinicians and patients love it. It is one more way our patients can feel confident in the accuracy of the treatment plan our clinicians are providing to them.

Dr. Eric Tobler

Stonehaven Dental Regional President and Mortenson Dental Partners National Clinical Director

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