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Published on November 14, 2023

First-of-its-kind PARL detection and segmentation capabalities

Overjet received its 5th FDA clearance for PARL assist! A first-of-its-kind product that helps dentists by detecting and segmenting instances of Periapical Radiolucency (PARL)on periapical radiographs.

Dentists, for the first time in their clinical lifetimes, will be able to leverage AI in order to identify teeth that require endodontic testing and observation or potentially treatment, and utilize the precise segmentation (outlines) of the lesion to drastically improve patient communication and understanding.

PARL assist is now available to you in the Overjet portal, with no additional installations.

Here’s a quick video from Dr. Gordon Barfield, detailing this new feature.


Here is what you need to know to leverage PARL Assist:

Once you login to Overjet’s portal, pull up a periapical radiograph.
If PARL is detected on the periapical image, artificial intelligence will indicate the infection with yellow markings drawing your eye to the sometimes difficult to see lesion
In the findings column, the tooth number that is affected will be indicated.
If the radiolucency spans more than one tooth, the PARL will be associated with the tooth closest to it.
PARL indicators will be included on the daily patients page as well. You will be able to click on the findings tag in the daily patients page for a particular patient and it will bring you directly to the associated images with PARL indicators

Overjet will also indicate the presence of PARL on the FMX radiograph array page with a yellow dot.


Enhance patient care and your patients understanding of treatment, Improve patient outcomes with early detection, Increase diagnostic confidence, With the world’s first dental AI company that is FDA cleared for PARL segmentation.


“Patient presentation is made easy since the PARL stands out as yellow, instantly making patients aware and having them take ownership of their own care. This is a tool that I cannot work without and makes sure I am practicing to the standard of care my patients demand.”
Dr. Jonathan Mason, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer at Select Dental Management

“The new features of highlighting anatomical structures and diagnosing PARL’s are phenomenal. They are clear and make reading X-rays a breeze, ensuring you don’t overlook important structure and or findings.”
Dr. Bryce Nielson, Clinical Director at Platinum Dental