Published on March 21, 2023

Rotate and Flip Images

Overjet users now have the ability to rotate or flip images that came into the Overjet system incorrectly. Once the images have been adjusted, the AI technology will analyze the image again and update the findings.


First, select the image that needs to be rotated or flipped. This may be a bitewing, PA, panographic or intraoral photos. You’ll see the rotate button and the flip button displayed next to the other image enhancement tools at the top right. 

You can rotate the image clockwise by 90 degrees at a time by clicking the rotate button. The flip button allows you to flip the image either horizontally or vertically, which you can select by clicking the flip button and then clicking the desired orientation. Once it’s in the correct position, click the Run AI button to save and analyze the updated image.

A notification message will appear to show that AI is analyzing the updated image and then the AI findings will appear.


One note: you have the ability to also rotate or flip intraoral photos and X-rays without findings.  Instead of a Run AI button, you will have a blue Save button to save the new orientation.


Some features may not be available in all areas.