Published on December 08, 2022

One-Click Access to Images from Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental

dental xr-ay series

Save time by eliminating the need to search for patients on the Daily Patients page. Instead, access patient radiographs directly from your Practice Management System once you have installed the Overjet extension on your workstation. 

The download typically takes less than five minutes to complete. It needs to be installed for each Windows login on a workstation. To see if it’s been downloaded and installed by a colleague already, click the Desktop tray in the bottom right corner of your Windows screen and see if there is an Overjet Bridge icon. If it’s not there, proceed with the instructions below.


Instructions for Dentrix Users [PDF]

Instructions for Eaglesoft Users [PDF]

Instructions for Eaglesoft 15 Users [PDF]

Instructions for Open Dental Users [PDF]