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Published on November 30, 2022

Image Auto Enhancement Feature

Radiograph with Image Auto Enhancement

Introducing the Image Auto Enhancement feature!

You can now enhance the brightness, contrast and sharpness of radiograph images with just one click.

Image without auto enhancement and with auto enhancement

Navigate to the full image view by clicking on an image. Once there, you will see a star button in the top right, above the findings column. By default, image auto enhancement will be turned on and the star will be green. You can still further refine images with the gamma, contrast, and brightness filters if desired.

To turn off the image auto enhancement feature, click the star button. When the green light is off, the image auto enhancement feature is off.

Turning off the image auto enhancement feature for one image will turn it off for all images until the user clicks the star button to apply the feature again. To see other recent product updates, please click here.